Does Social Media hurt or help

We used to live in a world that the only places that were given stars were the A List restaurants and the high end hotels. And if you couldn’t afford to go to those places or didn’t care to go to those places, these reviews meant nothing. Fast forward to present time…..Everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING! Someone might give an Asian establishment 1 star because they didn’t have a Mexican dish the person requested. They might even have a comical antidote to go along with their rating, so all their friends along with anyone who wants to visit the establishment is hitting up the 1 star review to find out WHY. We now live in a world where every individual has a live connection to the world wide audience….anyone willing to listen… whether it makes sense or not. Some of the rating communities are highly respected and some are just an in-your-face-whether-you-like-it-or-not soapbox. As a personal consumer and a buyer for a business, we look to reveiws to find our places to purchase supplies and meals. As a business, we look for our clients to tell people what they like about us and maybe where we need improvement. It’s only human nature that you get a negative review…you just can’t please everyone! As a consumer, when I am looking up an establishment, I read up on what the hidden gems are,  I touch on some of the negative reviews as tips or a guide…and then….I try it out for myself! And I think I have had more fun finding out for myself.

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