Familiar Faces and Familiar Places

As you all know, our business is made up of two brothers and a sister. We have worked so hard the last 20 years to get to where we are now. We finally have the time to occasionally stop and smell the roses. As customers, you have watched us grow up, from pre teen awkwardness-bad hair styles and all-to parents and business owners. More than half of my life has been spent serving the Villa Park community, but not until I had my son and moved into Villa Park have I been able to see and enjoy the local commradary. I have had the pleasure to enjoy concerts in the park, Summerfest & joyful traditions. From shopping at Jewel or stopping in for some great double baked potatoes from Mike’s Meat Market, I always bump into a customer. The familiar faces in familiar places. I enjoy these moments, I am not that girl behind the counter but a member of the community! Thank you Villa Park!!! Wish we could make it our for Bikes and Pipes!

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