Family Traditions

If there was ever a moment that I truly felt like a grown up, it was 2 years ago. Not because I became a wife, a mommy or a home owner- although that comibination can truly catapult you into Adult Stress Syndrome super fast! The moment I entered “adulthood” was when I hosted a family holiday. For 44 years, my parents took care of every holiday I can remember, carefully preserving the magic of Santa & the Easter Bunny, so prepared, you never knew how much work truly went into a holiday.To take on a holiday for me was a right of passage, for them, a badge of accomplishment.  Freshly moved into our new house (freshly meaning boxes were strewn all over, only the essentials were unpacked) with a 9 month old, I took on Easter! The best idea was to make it “potluck”. I supplied the venue, the supplies, the main entrees and everyone chipped in whether it was booze, the easter egg hunt, or a dish or two. We didn’t have to rush to make reservations, we didn’t have to worry our kids would get unruly, we didn’t have to worry about tipping, overpaying, or overstaying our welcome. We were able to enjoy the whole point of the holidays: families spending time together. It wasn’t the most polished of holidays but since then I have worked on my hosting skills and every event I think I get better and better. Next up Christmas Day!!

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