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Consider joining our new loyalty program and receive 1 point for every dollar you spend-that’s 2% back on your everyday purchases with us!! Just ask one of our team members to sign you up, all it takes is an email address and and a minute of your time! Our ordering system keeps track of your points automatically, no need to swipe a card or be present to redeem, simply give us your phone number associated with your loyalty enrollment and start earning and redeeming.

We are phasing out the 20 coupons, but don’t worry you can bring them in to redeem for points in our loyalty program, each single “save 20” coupon is worth 37 points, so bring in 3, 30 or 300(many of you have already started cleaning out that menu drawer in the kitchen!)

Loyalty Program Rewards:

24 oz. Fountain Drink – 75 pt redemption

Cannoli- 150 pt redemption

Small Tossed Salad with dressing- 200 pt redemption

Cheesecake- 300 pt redemption

Submarine Sandwich- 325 pt redemption

$10 Off any order over $10- 500 pt redemption

Medium Regular Crust Cheese Only Pizza- 650 pt redemption


Great thing about our loyalty program is that you can earn whether its for pick up, delivery, dine in, lunch or dinner. Also, you can redeem your points at any time, whether you use a coupon or ordered a special etc.. it’s like a VIP status and the

Large Regular Crust Cheese Only Pizza- 750 pt redemption

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    • Hello Kathy, just give us a call after 10:30 am today and one of our team members can enroll you into our Loyalty Program. You will receive a 20 point enrollment bonus and earn 1 point for every dollar spent…that’s like getting 2% cash back on your normal purchases.

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