Aimee M.

Dominick’s is a great example of a mom & pop locale that serves good food and gives back to the community.

The food is a solid 4 stars.  Since the man grew up in VP, Dominick’s has been a go-to for pizza while we were dating and usually the place of choice when we’re at his Mom’s and want a no fuss but good dinner. The menu has a lot of options besides pizza–sandwiches, salads, pastas.  Our go-to is always the thin crust sausage and mushroom. The Pizza is good. Nice and crispy crust edges (my favorite parts of the pizza) and always a nice layering of cheese and toppings.  Fresh ingredients, tasty sauce and never too salty.

Most recently on a suggestion of Angela P, I tried the fried calamari and the Pasta Favorita (rigatoni).  It was all delicious!  The calamari was fresh, not rubbery, served with lemon and marinara.  The Pasta Favorita is a red cream sauce with fresh mushrooms and sausage.  Definitely a new fave!  The pasta was perfectly cooked and there was a good amount of sausage and mushroom. Add some red pepper flakes for a little kick! YUM!

What adds that extra Yelp star? Dominick’s is always hosting special days where proceeds go to local kids sports leagues or local charities. Most recently they hosted a dessert tasting for a new catering business in the area.  How can you not love a business that gives back to it’s community.  5 stars easily!

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