Carmella P.

ATTENTION, PLEASE! Friends, Romans & Countrymen, “Pizza Quest” is over!  Yes, loyal readers, I found it….  The pizza my dad first bought home from Mary Lou’s in the Grant Works section of Cicero over 50 years ago!  It’s been hiding right next door to me in Villa Park all this time under the apellation EXTRA THIN CRUST.  Who’d have thunk it?  I had mine topped with the nicely old-fashioned spiced tomato sauce, greasy gooey mozzarella and big chunks of sausage, just like I remember from another millennium and practically salted the pie with my tears of joy! For me, this is as good as pizza gets, when you get a taste for this kind of pizza, which is usually on a Saturday night when you don’t have any plans and there’s nothing good on TV and you  don’t feel like cooking because you’re tired from a long tough week at work….The only thing missing now is my dad to order and go pick it up for me, but since he always used to try to sneak on half anchovies which made the entire pizza taste fishy and disgusting, maybe it’s a good thing he’s passed on to that big carry out in the sky!

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