Val G.

I am in shock over some of the awful reviews posted on this page about this place!! I can not believe that there are disgruntled customers of this restaurant. My family and I have been visiting and ordering from Dominicks Pizza for almost 5 years now and have YET to have an awful meal or bad experience! Prior to tasting the AMAMZING PIZZA here, we were not really loyal customers to any pizzeria. We would often order pizza but never really stuck to one place, because we never really tasted Any that would keep us coming back for more. That was until we came across Dominicks! I can not emphasize how great their pizza is! Everything is ALWAYS  FRESH! They have a wide array of pizzas and recently, they have revamped their menu with even more! We were never really ones to try different pizzas, always the same sausage, mushroom, green peppers and onions, but after chatting with the owner one day, he convinced us to give a different one a try, so we did and we LOVED!

As far as customer service, I’m not going to lie and say we have never had a mistake or maybe something was a little cold. If we did we called and talked to a manager and it was handled promptly! NEVER have we been upset with the way they have treated us but we always made sure they knew what was wrong instead of just bashing them in a review! Often times, we were compensated in more ways than we asked! This family really takes pride in their business and respect their customers!

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who appreciates great food and appreciates being appreciated!

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