Dear Loyal Customers,

As the world and our country come together to manage through the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.
In recent weeks, we have all needed to take extreme steps for the health and well-being of our shared communities. Our hearts are with those diagnosed with the virus, and our deepest gratitude goes out to the heroes of this moment, including the doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, fire departments, police departments, and everyone on the front line across the country who are displaying incredible bravery to support the greater good. They set an inspiring example for all of us.
We have been taking action to ensure we are protecting our staff, our facility, and our customers. We continue to rely on the guidance of public health agencies, including the CDC and local, state, and federal governments. As such, we are taking proactive measures to protect all who work in our facility and those who continue to order with us.
Store Hours: To operate safely and efficiently while serving our customers, store hours will be temporarily changed to 10:30am-9pm Monday through Thursday; 10:30am-10pm Friday; 2:30-10pm Saturday; and Sunday 2:30-9pm.
Ordering Options: We are now offering Curbside Pick-Up and will continue to deliver; with the option of having a no-contact delivery.
*Temporarily, we will not be accepting cash (This includes gratuities at the door or for Curbside Pick-Up). Please have your credit card information ready.*
**To insure speedy and proper service, please have your order ready to go when calling in. Making additions to a completed order may slow down the process.**

Steps for Placing a Curbside Pickup

1. Place your order as you usually would.
2. Provide the color, make, and model of the vehicle you will use to pick-up your order.
3. Make payment using a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. If you’d like to tip your food runner, please add it at this time.
4. You will be provided a reference number and a quoted time to pick-up your order.
5. Upon arriving to pick-up your order, please call us at (630)832/6929 and provide us with your reference number and where you are located in the parking lot.
6. Your food will be brought to your car when it is ready.
***For the safety of our food runners, we are unable to put your order directly into the passenger seat, back seat, or truck of your vehicle.***