Angela P.

I almost just passed out when I realized that after ALL these years…I have yet to review them!!  Sorry D-Money!  I’m about to get on top of things…

I have been getting food from here for like 20 years…literally!  My mom used to get pizza from here when I was younger and I have ordered various items over the years as well, including quite a few catering orders. =]  This family owned restaurant has some of the best customer service and awesome food to top it all off!  And another plus, is they are super affordable!

Some of my favorites from here are their homemade mozzarella sticks, super chicken sandwich, pasta carbonara (I add sauteed mushrooms and peas), antipasto tray, Mediterranean style pasta and last but DEF not least their pizzas.  Everything is fresh and fabulous.  The pizza is a thin style crust with just the right amount of crunch and the toppings are plentiful and delicious!  My ultimate favorite menu item, though, is the cheese sticks!!  OMG…they are seriously THE BEST…anywhere!!  SO fresh and you can just tell they are homemade by the quality of the cheese.  Seriously, add them onto your order next time, you will not be disappointed!

Seriously…anyone in VP or Lombard that has not already tried the deliciousness that is Dominick’s…get your ass in there and support local businesses!  Thanks. =]

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