Mike C.

My family and friends really love the food at this place.  We are pizza afficionados and this place is now at the top of our list.  The Dominick’s specail everything pizza is our favorite.  We also have now tried several  of their pastas and other food and all have been excellent.  I partiulcarly also like thier Italian sub.  I have lived in the area for the past 30 years and we also like Lou malnatis, Robertos in Elmhurst, and Aurelios.  But if you are looking for a small, family owned joint that the locals love to go to this is a great place.  I have not yet eaten in the dining room but it looks like a great, small and casual spot.  I travel all over the world and when i do i always seek out the local places like this loved by the residents to get the awesome peasant food.

It’s too bad the 2 californians gave this such a bad rating and it looks like one was solely based on his credit card issue which i’d say hey this is not a Pizza hut but a samll family buseinss so give them a break if they are trying to be careful.  But  every one has their opinion although when it comes to Pizza i’m gonna go with local chicagoans over CA any day of the week.
Again order out or go to this place for the food and with  the right expectations and i think you will love it.  check their web site foe great daily specials and coupons.

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