Mike C.

Great Pizza and this is coming from someone with more than 50 years experience eating some of the best pizzas in Chicago, italy and all over the world.  Along with a large family and many friends who are also pizza officianados who love it also.  I know everyone has their own tastes but I have to laugh when i see some of these other bad reviews.  Shameful.  My guess is that these folks probably prefer a pizza hut pizza from Arkansas and if so keep eating there and leave this place alone.  Some of our other favorite chicago pizza places are Lou Malnatis and Robertos in Elmhurst.  But like i said this place is really excellent.  Our favorite is the Dominick’s specail which has eveything on it.  The daily pizza specials are a very good deal as are the lunch specials.  I’m going in a few mintues to pick up the thursday special which is a medium 3 topping for less than $11.  We get sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom.  Their Italian subs are also great.  We usually get carry out but have also eaten in their cute little restaurant.  This is a family owned joint with locals who obviously care about their food.  We’ve served this pizza to hundreds of people at parties, seminars, family events etc and usually get great reviews.  Not sure what planet these other folks are on and it’s unfortunate since this place is great.  I travel the world and use review sites a lot but i have learned you have to use them with discretion.   On my way to pick up a great pizza.  Bon Appetit!

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