Sal L

These guys rock…
Visiting with friends last night in Villa Park turned into a late stay, mainly due to car problems but never mind that… While my friends and I like to debate over anything worthwhile to debate over we hit on the subject of pizza & pizza delivery….. Me, being a fan of Dominick’s pizza already, I was confident and ready to bet my buddy with his choice of a “we’ll call it a pizza place.. Lol”
We both order’ed a simple large pepperoni & sausage, both at the same time (10:59 pm) ….. Both with a 2 liter of pop… Now mind you my buddy & I put a simple gentlemen a bet over who’s is better. ……

Long story short, Dominick’s came through with my order within the timeframe  they said they would Delish pizza btw ….. My buddy’s choice … Well let’s just say I won Ha!!

So thank You Guys at Dominicks for consistently doing what you do best!..

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