Big Rig & Kids, Villa Park

This morning we visited the Villa Park Public Works building to check out their Big Rigs & Kids event!! We got to see everything form the John Deere lawnmower to the biggest public works truck with wheels twice my height!! My 2 year old was in awe of the tow truck, and please no offense to Roy Strom’s truck when Charley decided to hold his nose and say “P U Garbage Guys” he LOVES the garbage truck!!! It was nice to see alot of familiar faces! It was very awesome to be able to get very hands on with these very intimidating vehicles. Kudos to the public works department for holding this event. Boys and Girls of every age enjoyed it, especially Charley!! If anyone noticed there is gonna be a new park built by the Iowa Community Center and it looks unbelievable! Grounds breaks in the fall!!

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