If I could, I would quit the pizza industry and eat my way through Italy. Wouldn’t that be an amazing job? I have had a chance to visit Sicily a few times. Each of those times, I experienced something amazing. For many of you who think that Italians eat out of pure gluttony, that is the total opposite!!! The reason that food is always associated with Italians is because they are one of the few groups of people who find it important to make the whole family sit down and break bread together! They dress the table just right, they make food with the perfect amount of love, and they all sit down and talk, enjoy, and even appreciate the meal set before them. It’s like time stood still for that moment so that family preservation could exist. I enjoy my parents home town very much and a couple times I have had the chance to adventure out of their town to places like Agrigento and Mondelo. It’s so wierd, a 30 minute drive and we entered an area where they put sea urchin on everything, even the pizza!!! Take a few days and head to Agrigento and see all the olive trees amongst the ruins and mosaics. It’s truly amazing!! Food is living history in Italy. By sharing in the preperation of the meal, whether it was raising or catching the food or cooking it, we are eating history.  I would love to adventure to Modena and sample some of the finest balsamic vinegars or even head to the shores where sea salt is made. Listening to the  sound of the waves as they caress the rocks in the sun leaving a bit of the ocean behind. Until then, I will just make sure that in our house we sit down at least once a week to a family meal and keep living history.

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