Candice G.

I love this place! I used to crave it back when I lived in the area.

I was raised on pizza and I’m a total topping snob. I like my toppings to be plentiful and rich in quality which is something Dominicks is no stranger to. The one thing that really stands out about Dominick’s though is their plain ole cheese pizza. Back in the day you could get a free small cheese if you had enough menus or box tops or something saved up and it’s just sooo good. I know it seems silly to rave about plain cheese pizza but honestly, I don’t know what it is but it hypnotizes. I, for the most part, hate plain cheese pizza. It’s for kids and whiny babies who can’t handle the manly flavor of delicious toppings… Or so I thought. This pizza has so much flavor already in the crust and the sauce and the cheese blend that you really don’t even need toppings. It’s strangely perfect.

The appetizers are also fabu! Everything is good and they have an extensive selection. I LOVE their baked clams, wings, breaded mushrooms, artickoke, etc … it’s truly all great.

Also, I’m not a pasta person but I do think their pasta is exceptional. I’ve tried some of their sandwiches as well and sadly, I’m not a fan but that’s okay. Everything else on their menu is savory and damn near perfect so it’s easy to let the sammies slide.

One last note, the value is exceptional. Such a nominal fee for greatness and their delivery is very speedy.

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