Douglas B.

Since I started working in the Area 1.5 years ago, my co-workers told me to go try it out.  Went over there and picked me up a slice of Pepperoni and a slice of cheese.  Man… those two slices were pretty delicious.

The place is a small, plain and not much going on.  Granted, I’ve only been there around lunch time, but that is the jist of it.  You show up, place your order and kick back for a few minutes to get your food.  Usually you’ll find a few local gold rocking soprano type regulars or your local work crew with a samich.
The price is very good for a slice, just a little over $2.  They also have a pretty decent 2 burger special with fries and a can of pop for $5.   They also have good freshly made italtian sandwiches.   They have your typical deep fried sides.

But I think the killer lunch here is the pizza.  The cheese pizza, usually dull and not so good.. very good here.  It hase some tastey seasonings.  The pizza over all is fresh out of the oven, melty cheese, crunchy crust and nice and saucey.  If youre in for lunch, definitely stop by for a slice, you wont regret it.

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