Pete K

“The food was excellent as always. Best Italian food in the County. Always worth our 30 minute commute, our favorite restaurant.”

Rick S

“A thanks to the guys or girls that make the pizzas. If you ask for it well done, you get it. If you ask for extra sauce you get that as well. And also to the drivers who get it to the door steaming hot!! A job well done as well, pun intended….”

G Brooks

“Your gluten free pizza is the BEST ever!!!!! You should advertise that it is!”

“Everything was wonderful! So much food! Next time I’m ordering half! LOL! I gave a few people your info! Looking forward to ordering from you in the future! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Sandy K

“We love this place!”

Scott Y

“I had a tiny issue, but the staff made it OK”

Karl E

“The counter girls rock, Brittany rules!”

Ed J

Dominick’s Pizza scores “Excellent”!

Cynthia H

“Everything is excellent!”

Roger L

“We love this place!”