Megan T.

“I love this place, everything was LIT!”

Paloma R.



“Very good, love the place!”

Jeff T.

“I love Dominick’s! Especially the Papa’s Special. The staff is super friendly.”

Violet A.

“Thanks for the great food & excellent service. We Love it here!” – Violet A.

Tricia B

“Love the girls up front! Love everything I have ordered!” – Tricia B.

Grace D.

“Delicious food, friendly staff!” – Grace D

Veteran’s Day Thank You

Consider this remark to be a generous “thank you” to Dominick’s Pizza in Villa Park for providing a free lunch to Veterans on Veterans Day. I was there last year and will be there this year. They have delicious food at a fair price and I’ve patronized them for over 20 years. Again, “thank you”.     – Ed G., Lombard

Dan J

Great pizza!!!! I have tried a lot of their appetizers and sandwiches as well and everything is pretty good.  Not a big fan of the beef sandwich but love the steak sandwich.  All in a great place for pizza and good prices.  This is definitely one of the better pizza places around.


I’ve had just about everything on the menu here, over the years.  Awesome baked clams, liguini with white clam sauce, tiramisu (BIG portion) and their pizza is by far my favorite in the burbs.  The only thing I ever didn’t like from Dominick’s was the fried chicken.  But who orders fried chicken from an Italian restaurant?  My dumbass, that’s who.